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The Brand

From the Founder:

I have always loved beauty products. Ever since I was a little girl I have especially been into nail beauty. In first grade, I recall the first time I ever saw a metal nail file of my mother-- I was intrigued.. I picked it up, filing my nails gently and lovingly. Call me crazy but when I was a little girl, I was more into my mother’s nail care tools and her nail polish than playing with dolls.

In 2002, my partner and I started Anise nail color. To complement our expanding nail color brand, we decided to add a nail treatment brand: NAIL-AID was born. Searching for quality formulas for our nail treatments, I noticed that three toxic chemicals-- toluene, DBP and formaldehyde--were in every available formula. These chemicals were found in all nail care products being sold in chain drugstores, mass market and beauty supply stores. I worked with my laboratory to make sure no NAIL-AID product would ever have such chemicals, which are detrimental to the health of women everywhere. I spent much time to replace such chemicals with better quality, non-toxic ingredients. Why didn’t I use the same harmful chemicals like other have-been-there nail care brands in the marketplace? The answer was simple. If I wouldn’t put harmful ingredients on my skin, why would I put them on my nails? This question pushed us into doing something further. Our retailers persuaded other nail care brands to remove these health-harming chemicals. Eventually California passed regulatory legislation that insured the removal of these toxic chemicals from all retail brands. Before public awareness of toxic chemicals in nail care products, we were already the pioneers in advocating for women’s health. This key company value continues and we are always trying to do better. Today, we remain the only nail care brand that offers customers 6 FREE: NO TOLUENE. NO DBP. NO FORMALDEHYDE. NO FORMALDEHYDE RESIN. NO CAMPHOR. NO ANIMAL TESTING.

Beautiful and healthier nails always begin with NAIL-AID.

Your nail care guide,